Monday, May 14, 2007

Counting my Blessings

Though I had to work on Mother's Day it turned out to be one of the best that I can remember. Both of my children put some real thought into the day and that was what made it so great.
My son gave me some hazelnut oil and a carmel-truffle chocolate bar. What made this special to me was that he never asked me what I wanted and took the time and effort to find something unique. What made it even better was when he told me that he had purchased it some time ago and had a hard time not giving it to me early. Did you catch that? He did not wait till the DAY of or even the day before to think about my Mother's Day gift. HOLY COW! Maybe I HAVE done something right raising him.
My daughter cleaned the house and COOKED!!!! I sometimes wonder if she was switched at birth because she has practically NO interest in cooking. I have tried to draw her in with little success. We had a pleasant time cooking together for Thanksgiving and I thought maybe that would spark her to want to do more but it seemed like it was going to be a one time thing. But yesterday I came home from work to a sparkly clean house with all the candles burning. The table was set (properly) with candles and flowers and Dinner was on the table. We had Chicken fettuccine Alfredo, corn, bread and for Dessert she baked (and decorated) a cake. Sure, she got some help from Betty Crocker but that did not make it any less special to me. Especially when she mentioned that she WALKED to the store to get the stuff ...twice because she forgot the rolls the first time. Do I have some great kids or WHAT?

The best part of all was that we all 3 sat down together and had dinner. That doesn't happen all that often these days. It was pleasant with fun banter and no fighting! I sat there happy as a clam enjoying my family and counting my blessings.

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