Friday, November 17, 2006

Chocolate Porn

Ok, again its been a long time since I have posted. I actually have been doing a ton of cooking just not had time to post. I am beginning my yearly holiday sweets overload. Even though I maintain I am not a baker I do make several kinds of cookies. My concentration though tends to be on candies. I make many many pounds of fudge! In fact I get requests for it all year but I only make it between Nov and Dec...That's what makes it special! I traditionally make some for the emergency department and each person on my shift as well as a general tray for the rest of the EMS department. I don't think I do anything out of the ordinary. I use the basic recipe on the back of the marshmallow cream jar. I do use different kinds of chips and add ins though. I still think the peanut butter is the the best and I probably get the most requests for this.
Last year I started making bon bons which though are a little time consuming but are ridiculously simple.
Bon Bons
pkg of oreos
1pkg of soften cream cheese
1 pkg of chocolate chips

Place oreos in food processor and pulse until they are completely ground. Mix oreos and cream cheese. Chill for about an hour for easier handling. Roll into walnut size balls. For easier dipping I recommend freezing. Melt chocolate chips ( I prefer dark chocolate) in microwave (I recomend doing about 1/2 cup at a time 30 second intervals, stirring in between till smooth) or over a double boiler. Let the chocolate cool down just a little before dipping in the cookie balls. Cool on a parchment paper lined tray. These freeze very well.
Variations: ENDLESS there are several different flavors of oreos and of chocolate chips! You could also add a splash of your choice of extract flavor too the cookies.

These are very rich! One or two with a cup of coffee is divine and very satisfying. But be aware addicting ...You are likely to be ready for another in an hour or so!

My son likes them undipped which makes them even more simple!

I am currently working on truffles which has had it's ups and downs. I made a pumpkin truffle which didn't come out so hot, likely due to my ..hmmm "what if I don't measure and just add whatever I want to this" attitude. I finally came up with one that although was Very tasty I just don't think had the WOW factor that makes it worth my time. I think I will stick to the fudge and Bon Bons.