Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Super Sweet 16!

Ok, I finally have something I am really proud of to post again! Fri night was my daughter's Sweet 16 party! It was a grand affair that came off without a hitch! It was definately all I had hoped it to be and I am PRETTY sure that it was everything SHE hoped it to be too. Yes, I was living a little vicariously through her but there is no harm in a little of that once in awhile. She is a great kid who deserved this and I loved doing it for her! To read more about her party check out my myspace blog here. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=58552903
Of course much of my fun in throwing the party was that I "catered " all the food.
I have worked just one time so far with "The Chef" but I learned a great deal about presenting the food and I put it ALL into action for this event.Besides just wanting to make this a special day for my daughter, I am doing the food for a friends wedding in May so this was a great opportunity to give some things a dry run.
I look back at the pictures of the wedding reception that I helped with last year and I see how plain and uninteresting that it all looked in fact I even feel a little embarassed by them. BUT NO MORE!

I helped organize the food for a Valentines dance at church last month and it was a huge improvement from the wedding but unfortunately I was horribly sick with the flu that day and fell short of the vision that I had for that event.

At this party however, I was estatic with the way the table turned out! Not that there is not room for improvement, but now I know what I need/ want to make it even more beautiful for my friends wedding. So here are my pictures. I did not make any new dishes for this event so no recipes but concentrating on the presentation REALLY paid off. Comments and suggestions will be very much appreciated!


Linda said...

wow beautiful. i wish i could to my sweet sixteen all over again!

to2sassy said...

Thank you. I might like to go back to the "party" but I would not want to be a teenage girl again for anything. I would like to go back to about 30 though...and stay!