Friday, December 08, 2006

Food for thought

No fancy pictures today. If you happen to also read my Myspace blog then you can skip this one because its a repeat from there. After I read this post I realised that it belongs on here because after's about food. Two of my loves in life are cooking and writing which is why I have 2 blogs. I think I am much better at cooking than writing. I look at it as Cooking as something I do for other people to enjoy and writing for myself to enjoy. For the most part just venting of my feelings is what I am after but I love it when I feel like something I have written really captures what I am feeling.

My First Chakra
While delivering tins of goodies to the ER, my partner (for the day) asked "Why do you do this?" He went on to say I need to "stop being so nice." It was a compliment. This person knows that my ultimate goal is to start a catering business, to actually get paid to do what I love which is cook. It just so happens that a few other times he was my partner I was working on projects a wedding for a friend, making appetizers for friends events. He got the opportunity to taste test for me and keeps encouraging me to take steps to start the business.
But all that aside, it got me thinking about why DO I cook and give it away to others (a lot) ? I have come up with several reasons.
1. I just love to cook and it gives me opportunities to try out new recipes.
2. If I keep all of the stuff I cook in my house, I will be as BIG AS A HOUSE!
3. I enjoy getting compliments on my cooking.
4. Hopefully people tasting my food and knowing I am interested in cooking as a business will eventually lead to people hiring me to do it.

All of those things are true but there is something else too. A while back I read a really interesting book (hold on long title coming) " Invisble Acts of Power , Personal Choices that Create Miracles" buy Caroline Myss. It was a very spiritual and uplifting book that encompasses many religions and beliefs. It draws from and quotes Christianity, Judism ,Buddism as well as other religions.It talks about Karma and Chakra's I don't know if I really subscribe to all of that but I felt like it took the best from all beliefs and it was a book that really made me think more about things I do and what effect they have on other people. But I digress
One of the chapters in the book is titled Gifts of the Earth. Of course Food being a Gift of the Earth. I feel like 2 quotes from that chapter really hit the nail on the head when it comes to me ..and cooking and giving food. So, Bill here are my reasons.

" We can reach out to people through food because food is one gift of the heart that so easily can embrace the intention of the heart."

"A man once asked the prophet what was the best thing in Islam and the latter replied, It is to feed the hungry and to give the greeting of peace to those one knows and to those one does not know." - Hadith of Bukhari

Food for thought (Pun intended)- Hunger is not always a physical thing and the food is not always the actual gift.


IndyFoodie said...

Sindy, If you really really want to start a catering business you should do it! One word of caution though...if you have a partner be careful! Hire help if you can but be very careful about having a partner! I have a good friend who just closed her catering business after 4 years...she was doing fine on her own and last year this other woman she knew that owned a coffee shop here talked my friend into partnering on catering totally ruined her business! She thought it would make things easier on her, but it just left her loosing control of her ideas, her business, and her reputation! This friend use to cater in Atlanta (she is here in Indy now) and was VERY successful and she said she was nervous about partnering because of all the caterers she knew the partnerships almost never worked out. I think she is kicking herself now. I’m not saying it can’t be done, but there is usually one cook in the kitchen if you know what I am saying.

Best of luck!

to2sassy said...

I really do want to do it but my problem is that I am not very business saavy. I really feel like I need a partner that could deal with that part of it while I delt with the cooking part. But you are right, finding a compatible and trustworthy partner is tough. It's not anything that is in my immediate future at this point but something I would like to work towards. Unless I win that National Chicken Cook-off with the $100,000 prize.