Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Dinner

Opps, forgot to take a pic of the food!! Here is my daughter Kristen and her friends Kylee and Katie

So while preparing my Sunday school lesson this morning (because that's when I prepare on Sunday morning right before Church) I was online and saw a recipe for "Fake it don't Make Coq au Vin",18957,7119060327,00.html#histNum=1 So, I invited my Friend Karen and her Daughter Katie over for lunch/dinner after Church. We almost always lunch together on Sunday's but we usually go out.
It called for cooked chicken which I did not have but I did have boneless breasts which I figured I could whip up pretty quick. The only other ingredients I did not have on hand were frozen pearl onions and Garlic and herb salad dressing mix. I thought a quick trip to Harris Teeter for those and some kind of dessert and I would have dinner on the table 1:45....Ha!
Turns out they did NOT have "frozen" pearl onions (I could have sworn I had seen them before) so I figured that it would not be THAT much trouble to use fresh ones. Long story short by the time I left the store It was almost 1:00. Hmm a 15 min drive home , Maybe by 2:00 I could have dinner on the table.
I decided to have oven roasted potatoes(potatoes, olive oil, garlic, rosemary), French onion soup(onions, oil,dab of butter, red wine and beef broth/ topped with bread and swiss cheese) and salad along with my Chicken. All was going well until I got to the part in the recipe that called for the dressing mix...ummm where IS the dressing mix. I know I picked it up and put it in my cart. Karen was busy chopping up the onions for the soup. So she suggested Italian dressing(which I DID have) and we grabbed a some savory (that sounds French doesn't it) and some thyme out of the garden, threw in some chopped up Garlic and called it perfect.
So by 230 ISH ....ok was more like 3:oo,Dinner was on the table. Now , neither of us has ever had Coq au Vin before so I am not sure what it is supposed to taste like. But we proclaimed it tasty!! Katie who is actually quite a picky eater liked it. My Daughter Kristen liked the chicken part but picked around the mushrooms and onions. We decided that though it was very good. It had a different flavor than what we had expected. After a little discussion about this it hit me that when I was making the Soup I had used beef broth.... And hmmm never got out the CHICKEN broth. SOOOO. The question is next time ...Do I use Chicken or Beef broth???? I would definitely recommend trying out this dish. You make the call on the broth.


aficionado said...

MMMM...that sounds sooo good. I am so glad to see another fayetteville food blogger. Indy visited this weekend and we went to Sameos. We have only lived here for a couple of months, so we gave it a try. She is going to do a review on it soon if its not up yet. I had Lasagna. Delicious!!!

aficionado said...

Oh yeah, another thing. I am growing a veggie garden. How do watermelons do in the area?

to2sassy said...

Sammio's is great! They have awesome baked Ziti. I don't know which one you went to but the one on Raeford Rd has Martini Specials on Thur evenings.Last time I went I had a "Vanilla Dream Martini" YUMMMMMY! But I guess that will have to wait until after the baby for you. Another great place for Italian/Greek food is Pizza Palace at the corner of Hope Mills Rd near Raeford Rd. They have Fantastic Chicken Parmesan!
As for watermelons I am a flower gardener (execpt for my herb garden and this is my frist try at that) so I would not be much help for veggies. I can ask my friend Karen though. She has a pretty impressive veggie garden and she is all "organic". Thanks for commenting on my Blog. I look foward to talking with you more